You need better content for your website.

Sometimes you can’t put into words what you want to say. You want to show what your product does, how your process is more effective or explain your services clearly, but thousands of words just aren’t doing the trick. Video is an ideal method for communicating your message. It is loved by search engines and gaining popularity with all social media platforms.

Explainer videos are an ideal alternative to webpage sliders. People like video and will often watch something longer than two minutes if the content is interesting enough.

Motion graphics video is scalable to suit most budgets. Many elements can be replaced to help keep costs down, or you can choose to invest in something uniquely yours.

Social media loves video! It’s easy to upload and share with others, making your feed more popular and attractive.

Have you ever had a tune stick in your head for days, no matter what you do? That’s the power of a great soundtrack. Now imagine your brand message is sticking in your customers heads in the same way.

Audio can set the mood and make it exciting, relaxing or anywhere in between. With a unique soundtrack, you know it hasn’t been used anywhere else, is exactly what you need and can even be used as a theme tune to help people recognise your brand.

Watch the examples below and get in touch to find out how video can help your business.

All videos feature hand drawn illustrations, bespoke soundtracks and kinetic typography. Ask for more details on explainer and motion graphics video


How Many People Actually Watch Video?

Every week, people watch over one and a half billion hours of video on YouTube, generating several billion view.
But that’s not all music videos.

Most (59%) agree that given the choice, they would rather watch a video than read text.
This means that your audience is primed and ready to watch your videos whether they show how your product works, or describe your process or are used for training. Video is also highly influential useful when it comes to buying decisions. More than half of people who watch videos online say that video makes them feel more confident about buying.
Motion graphics video works particularly well because it uses a number of different elements to communicate – animation, voice overs and music.
Motion graphics video –practical, shareable, memorable.

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Motion Graphics


When you use video to share your story, you don’t just tell it, you show it.

Motion graphics video uses a mixture of mediums to communicate your message in a powerful way. You can use text, photos, illustration and live footage. How can you use video in your business? Advertise your services; show how your product works; explain a process; create your own training programs. Video also has the added ingredient of music to help set the mood and make it more memorable. Video is a really versatile medium. Use it on your website, share on social media sites, use it as part of an email campaign and carry it with you on portable devices. Video also works well at trade shows and in reception areas.

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What Makes a Great Website?

I’m not talking about SEO or coding or how the site is built. To make your site connect with people, which is really what you’re trying to do, you need great content – copy, images and video.

Well written copy speaks for itself – literally. It says what you want to say clearly and is aimed right at your target audience. Did you know that 90% of information retained by the brain is visual? Whether you use photographs, illustrations or infographics, it’s important to make sure they match what you’re saying. Video is perhaps the most useful type of content. It makes use of motion and sound to give your message impact. People like video! All these parts work together to make your site useful, and shareable. And when people share they are helping you spread the word about your business.

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Brand Identity

Branding is word you hear a lot. Sometimes you hear people talking about the logo, the company letterhead or a TV ad. But what is a brand?

Your company’s brand is what people say about you, it’s the aftertaste in people’s mouths after they’ve encountered you in some way. When you’ve done, whatever it is that you do, the customer has left and all they have is a memory, what is left behind is your brand – that lingering feeling, whatever it is that sticks in their head and brings them back for more. Brand Identity is about creating an effective visual that people can associate with that feeling. With a great logo people have something to remember you by and remind them of that experience. Your logo won’t illustrate what you do, but can convey how you do it. You could be retro, clean, environmentally conscious, fun, professional or a little unconventional. It all starts with a consultation, to learn about your business, what you do, how you do it, and how you want to fit into the marketplace.

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Graphic Design That Works

The world is full of pretty pictures, but pretty doesn’t always work. The world is also full of things that work but aren’t exactly attractive.

In business, what you need is a balance of aesthetic and function. You need graphic design that works. It’s easy enough to grab people’s attention, but how does that relate to your business, and how does it get people to take action? Good design incorporates your brand, avoids distractions and gets straight to the point to lead people to call, email or buy. Good design is a combination of technical knowledge, and understanding of the medium and a modicum of aesthetic and taste (and a little pixie dust for seasoning!).

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