Fix-a-Form® from Denny Bros, is a folded self-adhesive label that allows manufacturers to have more information on a package than space normally allows. To accompany the FAQ section of their website, Denny Bros needed a series of videos showing the benefits of their labelling system – from cost and packaging savings to preventing instructions being lost.

These three videos incorporate an informative script, illustrations, animation and a custom soundtrack. The issues or questions that customers often have are presented first and a benefit of the label is suggested as a solution. A variety of products and applications are shown to cover a number of different industries that can benefit from the labels. The focus is on the labels themselves, so containers are always shown as generic, white packages.

The script is shown with kinetic type so that the video could be used in a location where the voice over couldn’t be heard, but the message would still be conveyed. But where speakers are available, a custom soundtrack underlines the style of the video and helps make it memorable.

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