The Bury St Edmunds Concert Band comprises some 40 talented amateur musicians, with members’ ages ranging from their early 20’s through to retirees.

They play a full range of woodwind and brass instruments, ranging from the smallest (piccolo) through to the largest (tuba) all backed up by a strong percussion section. All of the players have undertaken a recognised programme of musical training, and demonstrate a high degree of proficiency with their chosen instrument, taking pride in delivering outstanding music at every performance. They present around a dozen public performances each year, including free-to-all summer concerts in Bury St Edmunds’ renowned Abbey Gardens, and also raise thousands of pounds each year for many local charities.

To reach a wider audience and maximise their fundraising efforts, the band needs effective publicity materials including posters and programmes. I also designed the logo and produced an animated version that appears at the front of all their videos on their YouTube channel.

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