The Vendor-Client Relationship.

The relationship between a vendor and a client can be a tenuous one. But with a few useful metaphors, we can understand each other, learn to get along and bring about world peace. Or at least make a start.

It’s easy to see how well meaning the people in this video are. After all, they just want a deal. They don’t want to take risks, spend money they don’t have or get ripped off. But the short sightedness that is made more obvious by the mocking style of the video can’t really be excused. The customers are making bad comparisons (the restaurant and the taco stand), undermining value (the hair salon) and even complicating a simple transaction (the DVD/music store).

Buying services of any kind, whether there is a physical product or not (as in the case of the restaurant customers, who purchase a service and a product), requires some understanding by both parties. Sometimes the missed point can be the fault of the service provider who should have made sure there was value inherent in the service from the beginning. In the case of graphic design, it’s a good idea to make clear what is included in the service and what the customer will be getting at the end of the day, as well as what isn’t included.

No one is likely to argue over a restaurant bill and compare it to fast food, but that is no different to comparing crowd sourcing with bespoke logo design services or click-and-publish sites with custom built web design.

When you invest in professional graphic design services, you are investing in your business and ensuring your marketing works for you. Graphic design is not an after thought or add-on for your business, it’s part of what you do, how you look and how you keep in touch with your customers.

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