Pons Guitar Video

Brothers David and Oscar Pons are two very innovative and busy guitarists from Spain. At the latest Musikmesse show in Germany they released their new innovation, the Revolution.

The Revolution is the world’s first guitar with interchangeable bodies. You start with one of two cores (a neck with a central, smaller body that holds the electrics) which can then be fitted with an outer body that defines the shape of the guitar. All bodies fit both cores, so you could build a collection of your favourite guitars (shapes) without running out of room in your guitar cupboard. Perhaps you usually play a Stratocaster style guitar, but sometimes you feel a bit more like playing a flying V. Grab the body, press a clip on the back to remove, and attach the new one. It’s like having a new guitar in the time it takes to describe how it’s done!

When I saw their catalogue, I knew that it could be presented in a more exciting, and louder, way, so I created a video for them. With a new (written just for the video) soundtrack, the guitars and the concept come to life.

Pons Guitars shared it on their Instagram account, which has already racked up nearly 1300 views.

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