How Illustrated Video Works for Fine Art America

Fine Art America is an online sales and promotion system for artists to sell their art to a global audience. To describe what they do and why they do it, they have an animated video. Take a look!

Why Does it Work?


The video starts off with the problem. It describes how artists used to sell work and how difficult it is now. Humour is a powerful tool when used to draw the viewer in and relate to the points made. Whether you’re an artist or you know an artists, you can understand the stereotypes represented. Even artists would nod and/or laugh at the tortured/starving/weird persona.

Illustration is very good at showing things that can’t be photographed (like the tortured life). It  works well with transitions between different scenes and can underline the humorous aspects.

Once the problem has been established and the viewer is on their side, thinking “Yes, that’s me…”, the video asks the question to pull you further in – “What about selling while you’re alive?”

“Good point,” says the viewer. “But what can I do?”

“Let me show you,” says the video, and then presents the solution, which it makes sound like an overwhelming proposition without Fine Art America. They explain how easy it is and even show a happy customer, which is what everybody wants.

Then the video ends with a logo, a website address so you know where to go next, and a strapline to underline everything that has been said before and wrap up the message.

What’s Next?

How can your business benefit from a motion graphics video? It doesn’t have to be in this style, but the format shows how a solution is presented to an existing problem and a call to action made to attract customers.

Drop us a line and let’s talk!


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