When Stock Photography Fails.

I´m not a fan of stock photography as a rule, but I am working on a musician’s website that needs some images we can’t get elsewhere.

One of the images I was looking for was a female singer. It had to look somewhat natural but most of the images I found were too silly, too sexy or too dull. Then I found a series that looked perfect. Except for one major point.

Stock photography, bury st edmunds graphic design

So what could be so wrong with this picture? The girl is pretty, dressed well, the background is ok (although it could be better) and the lighting looks fine. As a photograph, there is nothing technically wrong with it.

The problem is that the poor woman obviously has no idea how to use that microphone. That mic is probably a condenser, which is very sensitive to noise. If she is recording, she should be putting that thing on a stand, not holding it.

Secondly, the mic is most definitely a side address mic. This means that she should be singing into the side of it, not into the end. At least it’s plugged in, I suppose.

I don’t want to sound overly picky when it comes to mic technique, but if someone is planning on using a picture like this on a site that is likely to be visited by musicians (especially those that have spent any time at all in a studio or have used microphones), this picture just looks plain silly.

If you are planning on using stock photography for your site, you have to make sure the photo doesn’t have any seemingly minor details in it that could potentially undermine all your credibility.

Are you trusting your company’s credibility to an unwitting, anonymous photographer, or are you going to look after every detail of your brand and hire a real photographer?

Hiring a professional, whether it’s a photographer, graphic designer or hair stylist, is the best way to make sure all the details of a project are taken care of.

A job worth doing is worth doing right.

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