Apple Loses Perspective

I got a very disturbing email from Apple today.

It wasn’t disturbing because of the prices, the new models being released so soon after I upgraded or the fact that it is just feeding gear lust.

The issue was far, far worse.

Let me show you. This is the email in its entirety.

Apple Loses Perspecti

Shocking isn’t it? Did you spot the errors? In case you missed it, take a closer look at the iPhone 6 box. And every other box in the email.

If a box is sitting in two point perspective, the two edges furthest away from the centre will be shorter than the one closest to you. Imagine you are standing in the middle of a train track – the tracks disappear to a point on the horizon. In the same way, the edges of the box should disappear, but Apple has shown them to be parallel.

Let me prove it to you. In this picture you can see that each side is the same length, with an identical arrow beside each edge.
Apple perspective
That’s just silly!


But wait! There’s more!

Not only is the perspective completely wrong, but the shadows also fall on the wrong side of the box.
Apple loses perspective

The shadow falls on the right hand side of the box, but the darker side of the box is on the left. Where is the light supposed to be in this make believe world of 3D?

Perhaps a lot of people wouldn’t even notice this, but for a company the size of Apple to use graphics that don’t even adhere to the laws of physics doesn’t make any sense. Anyone using 3D software should have at least studied how three dimensions work in the real world and applied the same principles to the visuals they were employed to create.

If the images are mocked up in 3D software, it makes me question the validity of the ‘photographs’. I know most if not all manufacturers, especially Apple, use heavily edited photographs of their products and usually mockup product shots, but when the images look so artificial it makes me wonder if that’s really what the phone looks like in the first place. It may as well be a cartoon.

The whole thing is just a bit baffling.

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