Election 2017: The entries are in!

election 2017, politics, graphic design, multi media, motion graphics, bury st edmundsI now have the entries I need to make the decision.

In my last post I outlined how I was going to collect leaflets from the candidates in the upcoming General Election and base my voting decision on that alone.

What’s next?

I’ll be judging using a list of criteria that will qualify each one as a high quality piece of print work. Each leaflet will be graded on the form alone, not the content. I won’t be considering the issues or promises each candidate may or may not make. I’ll leave politics up to another blogger. For me, as a designer, it will be highly likely that (for example) any candidate who uses Comic Sans will lose out to one who knows the difference between an m-space and an n-space (here’s a hint: I just used one!).

The criteria

  1. Paper quality – Was the paper chosen appropriate, of high enough quality?
  2. Typography  – Font choice, leading, kerning, hyphenation and alignment.
  3. Photo/image usage – Do the photos look like selfies, or were they professionally done?
  4. Format – Size, folding and binding.
  5. Printing – Where was the leaflet printed?
  6. Overall Impression – Immediate impression is crucial to anything printed, as it is how the piece might draw attention (or not).

The Famous Five (in alphabetical order)

  • CONSERVATIVE: Jo Churchill
  • GREEN: Helen Geake
  • INDEPENDENT: Liam Byrne
  • LABOUR: Bill Edwards
  • LIBERAL DEMOCRATS: Helen Korfanty

All results will be in before you leave the house to head for your local polling station. Watch this space!

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