How to Make an Explainer Video: Writing the Script

If you’re going to have a voice over on your explainer video, you’ll need a script first. Everything else will be based on this – the style, the content and the pace.

So let’s write a script!

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Your Audience

Consider who you are talking to and put yourself in their shoes. What sort of vocabulary would they use? If it’s a technical product aimed at a specific and narrow audience, they are likely to understand terms that might not be familiar to you, so make sure you are speaking their language even if it isn’t yours. Should there be any humour involved? If so, how far can you go? Not everyone may like a laugh, but if the subject warrants it, humour can be a powerful communicative tool.

Your Message

You probably have a lot of information that you want to cover, particularly if it’s your product (i.e. baby) and an hour long epic couldn’t possibly cover all of its amazing benefits to humankind. But given a reasonable time limit of, say, 3 minutes, make sure that you are covering one topic and don’t stray too far from it. If you do need to cover a few points within that topic, use bullets at the beginning and titles to introduce each point. For example, “In this video we will cover How it Works, How to Use it and How to Order Yours… first, How it Works.” This approach helps people keep track of progress and remember or file away the information more easily.

The script also needs to sound like you are saying it, not reading it. There can be quite a difference between the sentence length, rhythm and vocabulary you use when writing versus when you are in conversation. To test this out, look up some movie scripts or speech transcripts. We rarely use perfect sentence structure or immaculate grammar when speaking – it doesn’t come across as very natural. With an explainer video script the key is to sound like you’re talking to someone.


Your Point

Think about what you need to say and why you’re saying it. Is it informational or driving a sale? If you want the viewer to take action at the end then make what they have to do very clear. Once you’ve got your point across and people know what to do, stop. Don’t belabour the point! When people are ready to buy, let them do it. You don’t have to tell them again why the product is going to save the world.


Read the script, out loud, and listen to how it sounds. Does it sound natural, easy to listen to and inviting? It shouldn’t sound harsh or ‘preachy’ but more like someone who knows what they are talking about, sharing a point and helping someone understand.


I hope this helps you write your script. If you have questions about writing, please leave comments below or email me.


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