Explaining Things With Timing

Have you ever wished you could take your time to explain things to people?

I like to take pictures with my phone. Who doesn’t? It’s not because it’s the only camera I have, mind you. I’ll drag around my DSLR if I really feel like holding up my wife while I compose and adjust each shot. The only time I get any cardio is running to catch her up after I’ve spent what felt like seconds but was probably more like fifteen minutes taking a photograph of something that I probably felt would make an amazing photograph, but more like would be deleted the moment I got home.
But I do always have my iPhone with me, so it gets used quite a bit. I like to capture colours, textures, Boomerangs, panoramics, and things my DSLR cannot.
So when I show people my pictures, I sometimes feel the need to explain what each one is. If I hand them my phone, they flick through the photos far too quickly, miss the ‘good’ ones (“it’s a close up of a twig…no the other way around…well, I like it”) and hand it back as quickly as possible.
They just don’t take the time to really LOOK!
All I would really have to do is put all my pictures in a video, forcing them to take time on the better shots, skip past the ones that don’t matter quite as much and even go back to the interesting ones just to make sure they saw them. I could be in control!
I can dream.
I don’t really have the time to take all my photos, add them to a timeline and make some nice transitions just to show someone the rubbish I spotted on a day trip to a major city with a guitar shop, but you get the idea. Sometimes you want to slow people down to point things out or explain something.

Explainer video does exactly that. It takes time.

It gives you the chance to stand over your customer’s shoulder and help them understand things that they might have quickly glossed over and before they reach for the phone to call you with all their questions. If you have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your website, you already know what people would ask if they could. Explainer video gives you the chance to answer those questions in real time, with illustrations.
It’s like holding their hand all the way through the process.
Here are a few ways an explainer video can answer questions before they even get asked.

You can help customers understand their statements.

bury st edmunds, motion graphics, graphic designService provides will often use abbreviations or jargon to make statements appear simpler, and to cut down on the enormous amount of text (and paper) it might take to describe every tiny detail. After all, some people just want to get to the bottom line and pay the bill! It’s easy to overlook small print, especially if it’s not explained properly, in the middle of a ten page statement. So stop and think like a customer, and explain each line that could lead to confusion, queries and upset. Some things are not so self explanatory, especially to a new customer.
A video can take the viewer through each page of a typical statement and show the breakdown of each amount and what is included.

You can make it easier for customers to order.

bury st edmunds, motion graphics, graphic design Even the most thought through e-commerce website can need explaining. Some purchasers might be tax exempt, some may come from a remote or outer-lying area and some might want to know what shipping will cost before getting to the final page. By explaining and describing the process, you can help avoid abandoned shopping carts and give your customers the confidence to go ahead and buy. Video, with a pleasing and informative voice over, can guide them through the process, even if it seems obvious to you. It’s another step of assurance.

You can guide patients through the unknown.

bury st edmunds, motion graphics, graphic designHospitals can be overwhelming places, leaving you stressed and frustrated before you even get to where your procedure might take place. You can alleviate some of that stress by helping patients understand exactly what is going to happen once they get there. Whether it’s a blood test, cataract surgery, or treatment requiring an overnight stay, a video that a patient can watch with loved ones, in the comfort of their own home, can assure them of the reality of what is involved. You can show them, at a relaxed pace, what they are going to go through.
So rather than expecting people to understand the way that you do, think like a customer or patient, and look for ways to alleviate confusion, diminish stress and answer questions before they arise by explaining what is probably very straightforward to you in an explainer video.
What kinds of questions are your customers asking, that you could answer in a video?

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