It’s not all about work.

President’s Choice, the Canadian food label, published a video that goes beyond commerce, selling or advertising.

Perhaps it doesn’t need any commentary, but I have thought of a few ways that I could frame this.


PC are making a social commentary on an all too common and sad scene. Couples out for dinner, on a train, sitting on a bench, staring at their phones instead of interacting. I have watched people sit and not say a word for an entire course during dinner because they were each too absorbed with being somewhere else. Very sad. And how many times have you been bumped into by someone looking down at a small screen instead of looking where they are going?

Technology was (is) meant to make our lives more efficient, more interesting, more informed, but not at the expense of relationships.


Ok, this could be about advertising, because from a business sense what PC has done is portrayed themselves as a people company, interested in you. Instead of pushing their better/healthier/cheaper products, they attract viewers with an emotional pull (an ingenious ploy) that tells a story.


If you’re sitting on a train or bus without looking around or paying attention to your surroundings, you aren’t here. You aren’t experiencing ‘now’. You also don’t know what you’re missing. An artist only knows what a tree looks like, or a brick wall, or people walking by observing and paying attention. The world could be passing you by, right now! When you are driving or sitting on a bus, consider the time there to be like research. Learn about other advertisers, how people dress, colour palettes, typography… There’s a lot to be learned by just looking. And that could be the beginning of your next great idea.


Thanks, Presidents Choice, for making me think!



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