Suffolk Festival of Ideas is looking for your stories.

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For the second year running, the Suffolk Festival of Ideas is seeking stories for the community journal writing project.

When I attended the Ivy Joan Market a few weeks ago, I met printmaking wizard James Treadaway who was handing out the journals.

Beautifully handcrafted, and in an edition of only 100 (probably due to the ridiculous amount of thumb numbing time it must have taken to hand stitch the binding!), the journals have been distributed across Bury St Edmunds for people to tell a true story in words, pictures or photographs, about their life or where they live. The returned journals will then become part of a public exhibition in October.

What a wonderful idea! Just imagine the wide range of stories that could be told, the variety of methods and tones they will be told in, and the way that people will (or could) connect by sharing. The journals are works of art in themselves, with a hand screened logo in green on the cover, and a vellum sheet of instructions as the first page.

Oh and I just the ‘I-Deer’ – genius!

For more information about this festival, visit

Now I just have to think of a story of my own….

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Trade Fairs – Taking control of your brand

I recently met up with a client who had just spent two days at a trade show. He showed me thick pile of quality leads, all awaiting his reply. But along with that stack of contact details and business cards came a host of stories from the frontline. This was a trade show like all the others. Long hours, little sleep, hard work and a big bill at the end.

Worth it? Absolutely. But now it was time to plan for the next show. As well as a long list of new contacts, he had also gained a new knowledge of what prospective clients were looking for, so it was time to redesign his literature.

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The Menta Trade Fair

The Menta Trade Fair 2012 was held on Tuesday at Ickworth House just outside Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Being new to the area (after a 22 year hiatus in Canada) it was a great opportunity to meet some of the new, established and exciting businesses in the area.

There was a huge range of businesses represented, from health and wellness to technological to legal, and every size of business from entrepreneurial to corporate. If there is any kind of recession or economic set back going on in the country, local businesses aren’t paying attention – they are forging ahead anyhow!
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