Kelling Heath – Brand identity

Near the North Norfolk coastline at Weybourne, Kelling Heath is a unique choice for an outdoor getaway.

The 270 acres of woodland and heathland are host to lodges, luxury homes, caravans and areas for camping. There are miles of trails suitable for cycling and walking, a swimming pool and regular events held in the park’s centre.
Having stayed there for a few days, I can attest to the fact that the design of their brochures and menu reflect the feel of Kelling Heath perfectly.

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Trade Fairs – Taking control of your brand

trade show materials, trade fair stand design

I recently met up with a client who had just spent two days at a trade show. He showed me thick pile of quality leads, all awaiting his reply. But along with that stack of contact details and business cards came a host of stories from the frontline. This was a trade show like all the others. Long hours, little sleep, hard work and a big bill at the end.

Worth it? Absolutely. But now it was time to plan for the next show. As well as a long list of new contacts, he had also gained a new knowledge of what prospective clients were looking for, so it was time to redesign his literature.

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I’m very much alive. You just won’t find me on Facebook.

I’m not moving to a kibbutz, eschewing social networking or becoming a business Luddite. Facebook just doesn’t fit into my life anymore.

In the Beginning

Like most people, I found it exciting to be able to share my life (thoughts, insights, photographs) with a large number of people instantly. One post and everyone would know what was going on in my life. Then I noticed something was happening with all the people I was trying to keep in touch with. It all got too personal.

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Show, Don’t Tell: How Motion Graphics Can Tell Your Business Story

Bring It To Life

Telling your business story can become a lively experience with video. Motion graphics or animation is very effective when used to show manufacturing processes, how an end product is developed or ideas that don’t lend themselves to being recorded on video. In fact, anything that you need to communicate to people quickly and easily is often best shown with motion.

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Should a Logo be Obvious?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to just ignore the obvious?

Everything and Anything

Somewhere near the beginning of the design process is often a stage involving brainstorming. Everything that comes to mind – good, bad and ugly – is thrown on the table without any consideration as to its usage. You pour it all out and then sift and sort. Continue reading