Whether you are a web development company, a marketing department or you have an idea for a product you want to market, I can help you lower costs and serve your customers better.

Hello! I’m Nick Burman, a graphic designer working and living in Bury St Edmunds, the heart of Suffolk, with clients in the UK, North America and Asia. I specialise in motion graphics and explainer videos, but also create visual branding (logo design), make websites and web content, (websites, creating graphic content, writing copy) and design print materials – (brochures, programmes, posters, trade show literature and packaging design).

You can read about the process here or get in touch to talk about your project and get a free quote.

Here are some ways that I can help you look good!

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Motion Graphics and Explainer Videos

Video not only helps show what you do – and how you do it – it also has the added benefit of timing and music to add emotion and make the story more memorable. If you have a process you want to explain, a product that you want to show off or you need to talk about a procedure that can’t be easily photographed, explainer videos are your answer. They also help some hidden benefits, like boosting website performance (Google loves video).

Here are some examples of how explainer videos can help:

  • Manufacturing processes. Your manufacturing may go on behind closed doors, but an explainer video can describe how it’s done, clearly and simply.
  • Patient Care. A video that shows what goes on during the surgery can help the patient feel at ease before the big day.
  • “How do I explain this?” Businesses that don’t produce a physical product can visually explain their specialised or unique process.
  • How it works. Benefits that cannot be easily photographed – for example, an electric guitar pickup – are easily illustrated in an explainer video.
Watch more videos

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Print Design

From business cards to brochures and programmes, there’s nothing like having something in your hand, to read, take home, share and remind you of a meeting or event.

The tactility alone can convey quality like no other medium.

Leave-behinds at events, restaurant menus, posters and programmes are here to stay. If you need some printed materials, give me a call. I love the smell of fresh ink in the morning!


Web Design

Designing an effective website means understanding how people really use the web and what your customers need. It is now paramount that your website is responsive, which means that it has to look great on mobile devices too. It’s not easy keeping up with rapidly changing technologies and ever changing expectations of what makes a good, usable website.

To get a website that works for you, get in touch.

about graphic design, bury st edmunds

about graphic design, bury st edmunds

Web Content

Increasingly important is the use of great looking content to fill your website. As many businesses are looking at free or low-cost options to build their online presence, they still need great looking – and well written – content.

The website itself is just the box. How are you going to fill it?

Ask me about having copy written for your site, or replacing that slider with something more effective. 


Visual Identity/Branding

A logo represents your business.  If it’s unique, memorable and simple, people will associate it with your brand and what you do. Creating the right logo and branding system for your company or product is a process that begins with getting to know what you do, and ends up with a kits of designs and guidelines to help you be seen and recognised.

Find out more about getting a bespoke visual identity.

about graphic design, bury st edmunds

The Process

First of all, I will need to get to know your business. We’ll sit down and talk about what you do, how you do it, and some the problems you encounter. Once I know how your brand works, I can make videos, design your logo or whatever else you need properly – that is, to suit your business or organisation.

A deposit is required at the beginning of a project, with the balance payable on completion. A first draft is usually submitted within a few days, depending on the complexity of the project, and you will always be kept up to date with the progress.

I usually use Dropbox to transfer files, as it’s more reliable than email attachments, and often rely on Evernote to share design revisions and feedback.

Get in touch and let’s talk about what you need.